simple strokes for simple folks

Multiple strands of pearls fill in the neckline of this simple white top.  A typical, conservative outfit for me today.  On the schedule after a few hours of study and writing?  Reading for pleasure (a Mavis Cheek book I'm determined to finish in spite of the awkward and unfamiliar style), a lunch of fruit and egg salad roll-ups, an appointment with a tree specialist to get estimates on on the downing and removal of a couple of trees, a visit to a new farmers' market just a block away from us, and a trek into the city to relax at Borders. 

"Quietness is not only the opposite of noise.  It is the absence of excitement, haste, and consequent confusion.  These dissipate strength, while calmness and deliberateness conserve it...."  from Streams in the Desert, Volume 2, July 9.

This statement soothes me and calls to me.  I guess that may explain the reason I dress so plainly....

(I DID polish my nails--bright red!)


  1. Very simple and elegant...and of course red nail polish is classic....overall a very classy look for you.

  2. Sounds like you planned a very nice day, Rebecca.Love the pearly pearls. Susan

  3. Pearls are such fantastic accessories. Love love them and they give that classic and elegant vibe to any outfit.

    Hope you're having a fantastic weekend, dear.


  4. I love pearls. I'm also loving your summer sandals. Very nice outfit perfect for what you have planned.


  5. Very chic and stylish. Would you care to join me on the lawn for a glass of pear cider, my dear?


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