same and simple

Thrifted earlier this week, we basically kept it the SAME.  Didn't change the color, but hubby sanded, primed and painted this nifty little metal cupboard. 

There's something to be said for sameness...(I'm just not sure WHAT.)

I've added the brooch to dress it up a bit (and also to cover a bit of cleavage that tends to show itself.  This simple outfit is comfortable and suitable for several activities I have planned today --
  • leading a hymn sing at a local nursing home,
  • accompanying my husband as he visits a person in a different nursing home later in the day,
  • checking out a thrift store in that town,
  • and enjoying lunch/dinner at a favorite restaurant.
All clothing and shoes were thrifted years ago!  The brooch was obtained in an exchange at our (then) Red Hats luncheon.


  1. Sounds like a fun day to me, Rebecca. Enjoy each moment. You look very nice. Susan

  2. Hi Rebecca, you are perfectly dressed the day's activities especially going thrift shopping. I'd love to tag along!


    PS - love the cabinets

  3. Wow some more great thrifting~ You look very nice and comfy~ nothing quite like a practical outfit....I find all the new clothing that they make I am always tugging on it or putting it back in place...I mean they even now sell tape in the bra section lol so you can tape your clothes on hehehe.....they just don't make things like they used to lol!! I am gonna try and make it out thrifting with the kids today Have a nice weekend~Love Heather

  4. Cute outfit! I love the brooch and that sweater is such a good colour on you!

    St. Vincent de Paul is one of my favourite thrifting stores too!


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