We slept great in our simple and comfortable lodge room after traveling 529 miles after church yesterday!

A change of tops, and I'm off and running this morning!  I'll explore a nearby town while my husband is in meetings.

While reading about the 30/30 challenge* several bloggers are participating in, I realized that I just might be the Original AND Perpetual 30/30 participant!  Actually, my practice is more like 30/90...30 pieces per season (90 days)!

Though it doesn't make for exciting fashion blog posts, it DOES fit my budget and personality.

*Go HERE for the original explanation of the 30/30 challenge.
...a closeup of tan shirt, denim vest, trusty gold belt, and current favorite earrings.


  1. Haven't heard of the 30/30 challenge but I do like your outfit. The earrings show up so well with the light behind them too.


  2. tell us more about the 30/30 challenge! haven't heard of it either!
    LOVE those earrings...I can see why they are currently your favorites. You look great, as always!

  3. OK, Jacquelyn and Darla--I went back and included the explanation of the 30/30 challenge in the post OR you can go here to find it: http://kendieveryday.blogspot.com/2010/11/announcing.html I actually FIRST learned of it at Low Fat Dressing (You can find it in my sidebar).

  4. You look very cute! enjoy your trip!~love Heather

  5. Always so stylish! Love the vest. Have a safe journey and take lots of pictures along the way.

  6. Looks like a good idea. However, if I don't change shoes often, my feet hurt, and then there's exercise class, etc. Love the outfit.

  7. I'm probably more like a 15/90...and that would be stretching it!
    Thanks for the link!!


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