grape collection -- it could be yours!

Not the "caddy" - just the grapes
I have enjoyed this collection for a l-o-n-g time...Unfortunately, I've run out of room to store/display it.  With reluctance, I am ready to pass this collection on to someone who has space and appreciation for it.  If you're interested, let me know!  (Actually, I'm still rounding up pieces.  There are more than you see here.)


  1. What a shame, it's a glorious collection, Rebecca. xxx

  2. Rebecca, I would cherish one item of your
    choosing. I don't have room for a whole
    collection, but, perhaps one small piece
    just as a friendship token. It's all
    very lovely.

  3. Sandy, my first choice is to keep it all together. Among other reasons, it will cost more to ship it out piece by piece...Do I have your mailing address? I certainly have a "friendship token" for you! ♥

  4. What a great collection, those little grape ornaments would be perfect for our Mt. House in "grape country".

    Like Sandy I couldn't give the whole collection a home tho. I hope one of your readers can. It is certainly a generous offer.


  5. I really like the "Platter"....I think it's picture #7!!! I have a grape theme in my kitchen!!!


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