no time

No way, really, to get the photos of today's outfit right....No time to retake them either!  So here is a picture of the cardigan I'm wearing.  The color shown is pretty "true".  The buttons are shades of brown.  I particularly like the collar and the button up options that go with it!  Yes, that is a wreath hanging on the wardrobe behind me and another below it...


  1. Hi there-a red cardigan is perfect for winter dressing! have a great weekend my dear! xx

  2. Nice sweater, Rebecca. Hope your day goes well. Susan

  3. I'm so jealous...I just don't have the right body type to wear a beautiful sweater like that.

  4. Very nice. I like how the sweater looks buttoned up. This outfit should see several outings over the holidays I would think.


  5. What a great sweater, Rebecca!!! It seems to be cable knit, one of the bigest trends in knits and the touch of red is another trend.

    Hope all is well with you my dear, I'm so sorry for my absence, but I've been so busy and so tired that I really just have time for my job (the one that pays my rent LOL).

    Have a fantastic weekend, I've missed you.


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