among my souvenirs...

This table and 4 chairs was in the upstairs furniture department at a St. Vincent de Paul in Wheeling, West Virginia.  We had to take them apart and rearrange the contents in the trunk of our car, but for under $39--we felt it was worth it!  Now to find fabric to cover the seats of the chairs...
 A miniature nativity set atop a Christmas Ideals...
 Mary and Joseph
 More $.25 Christmas tree ornaments - probably will be attached to ribbons decorating Christmas gifts this year.
 Two pieces of pottery - maybe candle holders - and a couple of blue ornaments.
 I couldn't resist these two wooden ornaments!
 A 10 cent roll of pink ribbon with a porch swing Christmas tree ornament.  I am going to tweek it (the porch swing) a bit and use it on one of our doll house porches!
Two snow globes.  One,  Mary & Joseph traveling to Bethlehem; the other, Bethlehem!  I'll figure out how to fill them up with water and will display them happily with my other nativity sets!
I didn't spend much at all, but had such a good time discovering while on vacation!
I DID find a few other things - books, a book of piano music, 2 stuffed fabric nativity sets.
I DIDN'T find a vintage silver (or white) Christmas tree!
Anyone have one you want to get rid of?


  1. Hi Rebecca! Ohhh, you had FUN bringing home those souvenirs, didn't you? I love the doll house porch swing...PERFECT. What a great idea to use it on the doll house porch. I'll have to keep my eye out for tree decorations with that in mind. Susan

  2. Susan, I've found MANY decorative pieces for our doll houses among Christmas tree ornaments! Happy hunting!

  3. What a bargain on the table and chairs...really like all your other goodies, too!! So glad you had a good time!!!

  4. What did I tell you? You are BLESSED when
    it comes to finding bargains! That table
    and chairs is charming! Can't wait to see
    the fabric you pick.

  5. Whoa! I can't believe you got that table and chairs for such a bargain AND got it into your car! I'm curious about the miniature nativity set. Can you described the mateial it is made out of? Also, do the pieces have original prices on the bottom? And about how tall are the pieces? It looks familiar!

  6. Ihe table and chairs are great. Now what about those doll houses? How come this is the first I've heard of them? Are you going to show us a picture?


  7. Darla, I'll get them decorated for Christmas and then take a few pictures :)

  8. Those chairs and that table are fabulous. What a find. xxx

  9. I'm wondering if you are as attracted to nativity sets as I am? My main tree is a nativity tree. The sweet grands like to talk about the items on the tree and I get great joy out of discussing Jesus' birth with them.


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