closets--now and later

Now....I'm up and dressed with a few modifications to accommodate the side rash and pain of my shingles.  Red jacket, green and white striped top, elastic-waisted black velvet skirt, red belt (which I've already removed) and a gold necklace.

Later...MUCH later.  Like after the holidays...I plan to organize my closet.  This is "my" side of it (as much as I had courage to show, and just as it is right now).

I had planned to show the whole shelving unit in the back of our closet, but the picture was too embarrassing to show!   This closeup shows one of the ways I store my single-pieced jewelry pieces - primarily brooches or "scatter pins", as some call them.
The shoe & tie storage on the inside of the closet door is about the only part I'm OK with.

What got me going on this was Sheila's post today.  I've added it to some other closet posts that I've found insiring or helpful.  You can check them out by clicking on my "CLOSET TAB" at the top of this blog.

Are you brave enough to show YOUR closet to the world???  What solutions have you found for organizing and KEEPING your closet organized?


  1. If only I had a closet half as organized, or half as big, as yours! We live in a small old house where closets are in short supply and the few we have are tiny. I guess people didn't have many clothes in the olden days.


  2. I think I might have misrepresented the size of it! There is an equal amount of rod on husband's side...and the shelf unit at the back is a single maybe 21" wide unit (but it SURE does have potential)!

  3. Thank you so much for the link, Rebecca! I wish my closet was neater! I really need to clean it out.

    I love your shoe organizer.

  4. I do loving noseing around other people's messy corners, your's looks splendidly tidy in comparison to my floordrobe.
    Hope the shingles is caussing you too much pain, you're certainly looking very chic. xxx

  5. That's a good goal, Rebecca, to organize. Hope you are not in too much pain from the wretched shingles. Susan

  6. NO WAY! Oh I wish I wouldn't have come here today! The guilt is oppressive!


  7. First, let me say how sorry I am for your illness. I have known others to suffer the pain of shingles--it is not pleasant. Second, you have a very lovely blog that I have only recently found and a big Merci! for linking me on your sidebar. Third, I just recently tackled "my side" of our closet (you can see the before and after on my blog) in my minimizing project. It felt so good to get rid of so many things--I might revisit the challenge and edit out some more things. Keep up the beautiful blogging!


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