an explanation and two questions

I have shingles--not the roofing sort. Mostly my waistline is affected so there are few clothes that I can wear without accentuating the pain (and they--the clothes, that is--are ugly and boring). Therefore, I refer you to my favorite Thrifty Style sites listed in my sidebar.  I admit to having favorites--like Vix and Sharon, and Sue at Della Street Dreaming never fails to make me laugh.  Sheila at Ephemera always inspires me with her knack with accessories...and there are MANY other sites I visit regularly.

What thrifty fashion blogs are on YOUR radar?

I also enjoy many Thrifty Homestyle blogs.  Being a thrift store shopper myself, I enjoy seeing how people incorporate their finds and beautify their surroundings with them.  I have a list of them, too.

What thrifty homestyle blogs are YOUR favorites?

Some of you may remember the white table and chairs we bought on our recent vacation.  After determining there was not one more inch of space to spare in our house and deciding NOT to trade the newest table out for an existing one, I listed the set on our local Craig's List.  I had a buyer within 24 hours!  I was sad to part with it, but happy it found a home quickly.


  1. Ms. Rebecca, I am praying that God places His healing hand on your body and takes away your pain and discomfort....SOON!! HOPE you have a blessed THANKS-giving!!! In His Love...Deb

  2. Yikes, shingles! You poor thing, hope you heal quickly.

  3. Yikes! Hope you get better soon.

    I don't follow many clothing style blogs although I agree Della's if fun.

    Here's a link for a thrift blog tho.
    Sometimes she has a few too many animal photo's for me but I generally like the site.


  4. Oh, Rebecca, I am SO SORRY to hear about the shingles. I had them on my arm a couple of years ago and it was the PITS. But quick treatment lessened the time they lasted (about two weeks). I thought my arm was falling off, it hurt so badly. Oh, God bless you, Rebecca.

    One good thing! Now that you have them, you'll never get them again. Susan

  5. Susan, It's good to be commiserated with :) I think I DID start the medicine in time. Glad to know there's light at the end of the tunnel.

  6. Sorry to hear you are not feeling well my Dad had this last year I remember how miserable he took some time but he recovered...will be praying for you ~Have a Blessed Thanksgiving Love Heather

  7. Oh no, Shingles are awful. I do hope they aren't causing you too much pain. Lots of love and best wishes for a speedy recovery. xxx
    PS Thanks for the mention, I'm truly honoured.


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