christmas accessories

When I saw the beautiful Christmas apron 
that Darla  received from a friend,
I remembered that I had purchased one
last summer at my favorite thrift store.  
Here it is! 
I think I'll wear it all day!
(Be sure to click on the green above to see Darla's!)

A transparent piece of fabric covers the pocket. 
It puts me in the baking mood! 
I'm wearing a shiny, gold snowman pin, too...
What Christmas accessories are YOU donning this season?


  1. I wish I had some of the aprons that my Mamaw used to wear...with the safety pins pinned onto them!!! Sweet memories!!!

  2. That is a memory I have, too, Deb - of my grandmother...

  3. Funny that you should post about aprons this morning as I was thinking "aprons" since a friend has just given me a Christmas one!
    You look so is a fun time of year to "decorate" ourselves same as our houses!

  4. Hi Rebecca! Cute apron! Christmas accessories? Well, being the compulsive person I am, I have a large holiday jewelry assortment...bracelets, earrings, pins, and necklaces. Most found thrifting!

    Today I'm wearing a necklace with tiny bulbs and a big fat bell covered pink bracelet that makes a LOT of jingle noise. When I wear it shopping, people always wonder where the bells are coming from. ha ha ha

    Have a great day, Rebecca. Susan

  5. I wear a Christmas bell once in awhile, too, Susan. Get this! This is the first year we haven't purchased matching sweaters or shirts for our kids and grandkids. (We take a GREAT family picture dressed alike.)

    This year one of our children and his family won't be with us. I decided to put this tradition on hold for a year, but I've been regretting it. I told my husband this morning before he went to work that I want to get a bell and string it for everyone instead of shirts this year.

  6. You have a pretty aprong too. Lets all put on our holiday aprons and have a baking party. Wouldn't that be fun?


  7. What an adorable apron! Hi Rebecca, hope you are enjoying the fast approaching holiday!

    Merry Christmas to you and yours,Bonnie

  8. My dear mother never stepped into her
    kitchen without first tying on one of
    her many colorful aprons. Yours is
    so pretty!

  9. Just LOOKING at you in your apron makes me want to start baking. I have several bow tie lady (Ellie, my daughter-in-love) made me for Christmas last year. She repurposed a skirt and made the kind with the bib...she knows how messy I am in the kitchen!


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