slowly but surely

December is my birthday month.  A local restaurant sends a coupon for a free meal anytime during the birthday month (which is great for me, because MY birthday is on Christmas Day).  Few restaurants that offer a free meal on a birthday are even open on my birthday.

We took advantage of the coupon for a mid-afternoon dinner today.  I wore a gray sweater and my elastic-waisted black velvet skirt to best accommodate the shingles pain I'm still experiencing.

 I brought out the red candles this morning and created this vignette.  
It looks warm and cheerful when the candles are all lit...
 I've hung a small "wall tree" between the two windows in our dining area. 
I used vintage blue bulbs and other blue and white ornaments to decorate it.
All thrifted, of course!
The decorating continues--slowly but surely!


  1. Happy Birthday dear Rebecca.

    Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

  2. Hi Rebecca...Happy, Happy Birthday month! Now celebrate each and every day. But ohhhhh, I"m SO SORRY you are still experiencing shingles pain. That is not good. I know mine lasted a couple of weeks and it was like a hot poker was sticking in my arm. But them they dissipated, thanks be to God. Take care, Rebecca. Nice candles, by the way. Susan

  3. Thank you, Susan. I'm so excited to hear that yours were over in a couple of weeks. That gives me much hope!

  4. Happy Birthday month! I know how frustrating it can be to have your b-day on a holiday (I was born on Canadian Thanksgiving), but Christmas is the hardest!

  5. Shingles pain is the worst--it's similar to the nerve pain I experience chronically in my feet and hands and wherever else a nerve is jangled. I pray for healing--it does take time I understand.


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