merry christmas

After I comb my hair, I'll be ready to go to church! 
Christmas colors in "separates" - all thrifted before LAST Christmas!
See another Christmas tree pin?
This week I added 5 (or maybe 6) red bulbs to the tree. It made ALL the difference in its appearance!

A close up of one of the brass ornaments scattered around the tree...


  1. Hi my dear-a very merry festive post and wishing you and all your family a very happy and peaceful Christmas too xx

  2. I LOVE Christmas tree pins, Rebecca, don't you? I have several but one is my favorite. You look very nice. Susan

  3. Merry Christmas to you and your family Rebecca. You look quite festive. Won't be long now until Christmas arrives and then you'll get your hands on that new grandbaby. So much to look forward to.


  4. I had a similar skirt for many years. I finally got rid of it and now I'm regretting look great with that black top and the belt! And you are RIGHT--adding those red bulb really does make your beautiful tree "pop"!

  5. You look lovely as always!! Pretty plaid skirt Merry Christmas ~Love Heather

  6. I love this outfit on you. It's festive without being overdone and too colourful. Tres chic! The gold belt and pin is a nice touch too.

    Merry Christmas!


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