the stockings were hung...

This smallest one is for our youngest grandchild, added to our family this year...
I only hung seven this year.  Our two oldest grandsons will be at their home getting acquainted with their new sister who will join their family a few days before Christmas (God-willing).  Our son and daughter-in-law will leave Friday and travel to Ethiopia to pick her up and return her to their home.  Looks like I'll need ten next year!

I've picked the stockings up at thrift stores over the years...all are simple and VERY inexpensive.  I've been picking up small items to stuff them with throughout the year.
Speaking of stockings, what do you think?  These are some knee highs that I've worn recently with my black velvet skirt and black boots.  A stranger at the grocery store the other day asked me where I got them!  I couldn't remember.  I've had them for a long time!


  1. Hey, Rebecca, I have lines on my legs too--without stockings!!! :)

    Love the stockings down the staircase...and congrats on the new grandchild coming!

  2. Thrift stores have some of the best Christmas ornaments .. looks like you did good with the stockings .. the mis-matched effect is charming. Nice legs;)

  3. You are getting a Granddaughter for Christmas? I can't imagine a better present. It is fun to see all your Christmas stockings lined up and to know next year there will be another one.


  4. I love the stockings hanging down the staircase.

    Congratulations to your family for their new addition. I hope the trip to Ethiopia goes well, and that they all have a lovely Christmas back at home.


  5. Everyone must be so excited about the anticipated new arrival...I will pray that all goes well. How old is she?

    I LOVE your staircase (oh and the stockings too)! How fun!

    I really wish we had a charming old house...but my hubbys many gifts unfortunately don't include what it would take to maintain one.

    Your knee highs are cute! Honestly Rebecca, you seem to be able to get away with anything in the fashion dept!!

  6. I believe that she will turn a year old sometime in January. Still waiting to know the name they will select (or if they'll stick with her birth name). Thank you EVERYONE for your good wishes and prayers for safe travel and the adjustments that will be theirs in the coming days.

  7. I love your stockings - and your knee high stockings too! Very chic, Rebecca!

  8. I Love all your stockings lol!! even you fancy knee Highs!! Merry Christmas Love Heather


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