in my dream

In a quiet dream last night, I was walking snowy sidewalks toward a house we lived in thirty years ago.

I saw ONE first.  Then the other.  White, high-heeled shoes.  Not leather, but fleece-- COVERED in pure white fleece.  To my amazement, they were my size, 7 1/2 B!

I looked both directions and saw no person or footprints.  I picked them up and carried them with me into the house.

I woke this morning disappointed that the shoes had disappeared with the night.  The snow, however, is very much WITH us.

Interpretation anyone?

In other news from the cold front, yesterday morning I listed the small sectional bookshelves and the black toy/storage chest on our local Craig's List.  By afternoon, the shelves were gone, and I had 3 inquiries re. the chest. Someone is coming to see it this afternoon, and if she doesn't take it, I have two others in the wings!

The de-cluttering continues.  (Of course, now I have decisions to make about the contents of the storage chest and bookshelves...)


  1. You have been quiet; glad you are back. Snow...we have been spared that but it is SO cold here. The snow is pretty at least.

    Decluttering, great idea but I always seem to bring right back in! In fact, I want you to see our last "find"...please look at the card has taken up the last spot of space. I am saying NO MORE!

  2. Fleece covered shoes? My first thought was to wonder if your feet were cold, LOL!

    Good for you for decluttering. I usually get an urge to do that right around the first of the year. I don't normally make NY resolutions but a clear the clutter mood hits about then.


  3. Maybe the dream was about the Lord ordering
    your steps. Since white signifies purity
    He could be calling you into a deeper and
    more pure relationship with Him. Also, He
    could be saying He is calling you to walk
    more closely in His ways. Just a thought.
    Very interesting dream though. That's my
    size too.

  4. Thanks, Sandy. I welcome that possibility - which is also my deepest desire! It may also be related to the fact that I've been wearing black suede heels l-o-n-g past their prime and commented so in the past 48 hours AND that I rearranged my sheep (fleece) collection to make room for the nativity set on our mantle...not to mention the current snow storm and the conversation we had yesterday about the big snow of '78 (when we were living in the house that appeared in my dream)...Funny how the subconscious mind blends a bunch of stuff together like that.

  5. Gosh, Rebecca. That was quite a dream. I wouldn't even know where to begin interpreting it. Sorry the shoes were gone in the morning and the snow remained! Lots of just rain here. Hey, that was a good idea to list things on Craig's List. Congratulations! Susan

  6. I hate when dream outfits vanish.

  7. Like Sandy, my first thoughts about your dream were of a spiritual nature. I think it comes from deep within your subconsciousness, that you desire to walk in the ways of the Lord...snowy sidewalks, white fleece (The Lamb) "covered" shoes.

    Oh how I remember the winter of '78...and it's blizzard conditions in NE Ohio!

    I've never used Craig's List. Perhaps I should think about that!
    Wish I could have acquired that toy box, which looks like it could double as a bench for little people to sit while putting boots on and off, though I don't really have a good spot for something like that.

    Impressed with all your decluttering. Amvets comes here about every other month and I ALWAYS find something to put out for them.


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