Merry Christmas, Friends!
It's been a highly unusual season for us.  Yesterday, THIS was our pre-Christmas scenery...
By the end of today we will be admiring our new laminate floors and possibly will have moved our appliances, kitchen island, and dining room furniture back into the room.

After seeing the process, I'm VERY thankful we weren't SO "thrifty" as to decide to do this job ourselves.  We really appreciate the professionals who have been courteous and have cleaned up after themselves so well.  Our floors were quite unlevel - as much as 2".  With the leveling, we won't have to use shims under every piece of furniture as we did before!  Stay tuned for our new, improved thrifty kitchen style update!


  1. What a lovely new floor! I know you'll enjoy this every day.

    Have a wonderful Christmas Rebecca ~ FlowerLady

  2. Thanks, FlowerLady! Wait till you see the laminate "wood" look!

  3. Oh that is very exciting. I think for some jobs it does not pay to be thrifty sometimes you need the valuable skills of a professional and there trade skill. We had thought about doing the floors in our house they make it sound so easy. But then we would have been in the same boat with uneven floors and other issues. I was very glad we hired some one to do it. ~Enjoy your new floor :) Love Heather

  4. Hi there-well done on your floor, it does pay dividends for the professionals do it!! Wishing you and your family a very happy and festive Christmas! xx

  5. Hi Rebecca....GREAT job those guys did. It looks fabulous. That's a super Christmas present. Susan


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