black and white

Today I'm wearing a black sweater, buttoned up with black fabric buttons,
a 3-strand pink necklace,
 and a black wool skirt.
All clothes - and necklace -  were thrifted.
I like the silhouette created by this combination.
 Yesterday I buzzed in and out of my Favorite Thrift Store.
I was pleased to find these three white ironstone pieces.
 It's a busy week.  This may be all I find, but I'm a happy lady!


  1. Good finds on all .. especially the oval serving dishes.

  2. Nice outfit. Like the ironstone. I've about given up thrift stores here. Went yesterday in search of a book (hardbacks $2.98-3.98). Saw a few pieces of milkglass which I like. One very ordinary small bowl was $4.95, one of those hen on a basket covered dishes, not the smallest one but not huge either - $15.00. This was not Fenton glass or one of the high end makers, just ordinary stuff. Might as well shop antique stores.



  3. Lovely outfit, you look very svelte in that cardi and the beads are gorgeous.
    Fancy you thrifting a dish that was made a few miles down the road from me. If only it could talk! x

    1. Thank you, Vix. I value your opinion highly.

  4. Great outfit - such a nice silhouette. Rebecca, I admire your resolve in trimming down - you look great!

    1. Thanks, Sheila. I think of you and your W.W. success and involvement, and it helps me keep the goal in sight!

  5. I love goes with everything, has classy look, easy to accessorize like with your nice pink beads!

    Of course I like the white dishes too!

  6. You are so lucky to find
    such great treasures, Rebecca!
    I need to go shopping with YOU!


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