this is war!

Vix commented on my last post about my recent journey to keep my kitchen counters and sink clean:  "I'd love to develop that habit but I think I'm genetically predisposed to being messy and maximalist!"

And I replied, "Oh, Vix! Me, too. But (for me) there was just something about the piles that accumulated on "my" kitchen counter! I could tolerate them about so long...and then my head exploded thinking about going through the piles."

I HAVE resigned myself to the fact that I MUST be genetically predisposed to being both messy and maximalist.  But I MUST have an equal predisposition to becoming overwhelmed by stacks of paper and miscellany that seem to accumulate out of NOwhere and grow like Jack's beanstalk - overNIGHT!

So, in the words of Elaine (another blogger friend), I "soldier on".  
One small step after another.  
Simplicity is relative.
That's why I labeled one of the pictures, "Relatively uncluttered"
My counters will never be as sparsely furnished as some I see.
But it's not a competition, and that's not my goal.
  Living with my two warring, genetic predispositions IS!


  1. It's interesting how different people view clutter. My MIL can't stand to have anything extra out anywhere in her house and one of my SIls has an over-tschotsked house. It is easier to work in the kitchen if I don't have to make a path first. Elaine has it sussed; soldier on!

  2. Hello Friend! I lived to tell the story! haha I keep my counters "decorated" but clean. I have tried them with nothing on them. I cannot do it.I need the coffee pot. I need a pretty spooner with spoons. I need a little doll hutch to hold a tiny lamp. I need a stack of ironstone. I need a pretty platter/or mirror standing in the back. I need some kind of floral or plant. I guess you could say they are "very decorated"!! LOL

    1. That's it! My counters are "decorated"!

  3. If you have a place to put the stuff you used to pile on the counter, it helps. Somewhere in the kitchen or a room, do you have a place where you can put folders, books or whatever you stashed in the kitchen? My mess is all hidden in drawers and I have to go through it quite often.

    Since you are almost on a new habit, see if you can stay with the sparse look. Both your photos show a nice balance of needful things and cleanliness. Good luck with this.

  4. I have things on my counter but not too many. My problem is I'm a "stasher". I pack things up and save them way too often. It seems like I'm always clearing out but somehow the piles get larger.


  5. Finally! There IS a way to describe me! "messy maximalist" !!!! And my counters are "decorated"! Love it!


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