old stuff...new eyes

 We treated ourselves to a very short getaway.
Seeing sights like these as we wandered through the shoppes that were open
 (it's not actually "the season" yet), we gathered ideas and enthusiasm
for using some of the spare parts and pieces
we've gathered over time to create some new pieces.
I'm already looking for a corner in which to place the open cabinet (below)
after we find a door to split and refurbish!
 A couple of shoppes specifically asked that no photos be taken.  
So I'm relying on my memory and brief descriptions scribbled 
in my journal to remind me.
It's time to see old stuff with new eyes!


  1. Great idea because we all have treasures that would look great in another spot. It only takes moving.

  2. Hey...I have plenty of "old stuff"...I mean "treasures". LOL
    Oh...well...thats what I get for living in a very old house. 8~)
    Take care,

  3. I bet Gary can duplicate that blue potting table...awesome! I'm going to try to copy a photo of something I saw on Pinterest that I would love to duplicate...I too need to see old stuff with new eyes!!!


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