simply birds and flowers

Have I said, "I ♥ blue"?
 I went to My Favorite Thrift store today.  I spent $2.41. 
 I enjoy Books of Days.  I think they make wonderful giveaways or personal gifts.
This one contains delightful Victorian sketches of flowers--
both wild and cultivated.
My handkerchief drawer will have four more "chiefs".
I think the blue roses on the top one are simply beautiful.
 The two miniature baskets will find a spot in one of my doll houses...
and I bought an iced tea spoon and this loose tea infuser.
Finally, included in my purchase today is a project--
a large, plaster pineapple.
It needs some repair and a coat of paint.
I can't wait to show it off!
What have you been finding lately?


  1. Great finds. Your thrift shop's prices are so low!
    I haven't been thrift shopping lately, but am getting that urge!

    1. So wanting to know who you are!
      Yes, the prices on the wares are VERY reasonable at this particular location. Right now they have sweaters and men's slacks for $1.

  2. You have some lovely finds. I like the blue roses too...would look nice in a wicker basket edge! I was shopping today but for big and expensive things. I did it all at once, got it over with. Only cheap thing was more tea at Big Lots. They have some St. Dalfour that I have hit three times this winter. Most is about gone. Today I got more of the Organic Lemon...very good stuff. Do you have Big Lots in Indiana?

    1. Sure do, Bookie! I probably get there once a month or so. You just never know what you're going to find, do you?

  3. Rebecca, you find the most wonderful things!! I am loving that blue rose handkerchief

  4. Lovely, Rebecca. I have just started using handkerchiefs. They are so pretty to me. I look forward to seeing your refurbished pineapple!
    Hugs and love,

  5. I haven't found a thing lately but I think I have the exact Book of Days that you have. I definately wish I had that cup. What a find.


  6. Oh my, Rebecca. The cup is especially pretty but I like the hankie and little baskets, too. Good job!

    I've found some very nice items and listed most of them on my eBay site. It's in the sidebar of my blog . Just click on it and it will take you there. Take care. Susan

  7. Thanks for stopping by for a visit and I do Hope you all are feeling better now and have received a Healing Touch? With having a large Family it is rare that everyone is feeling 100% all of the time so we've learned to take it in stride even during the Holidays... but it is certainly no Ideal way to spend Special Occassions so I am sorry to hear that your Valentine's Day was spoiled by the Flu!

    Hugs and Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  8. Oh Rebecca, such beautiful things you have, I just love the cup, hankies and the small baskets. What a drag having a cold is, hope you're better my friend and sorry it spoiled your Valentine's. Lots of love,

  9. Great finds! love the handkies! Well this week I was inspired by a photo I saw on FB or a valentinish place off to the thrift stores I went. Two Goodwills and one Salvation Army later I found four dinner plates, four salad plates, and a platter that are white with swirls and all match. I'm having a Valentine dinner for four tomorrow night and I think they will look lovely on my dark red tablecloth. :)


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