a thing for footstools

As I see them here, I see shabby and worn. 
 As I experience them everyday, 
I think, "Comfortable and Comforting".
I DO have a thing for footstools
and have difficulty passing them up when I see them
in thrift stores or at garage sales. 
Some I recover.
Others I cherish "as are".


  1. LOL
    I guess I have a "few" footstools at my house...
    I think I need to get some more...to keep up with you. Its a good thing that we are not shopping at the same thrift stores. 8~)
    Have a great day,

  2. I only have two, similar to the one in your first photo, but I love them. I would probably have more, but I don't have room for more.
    It's always nice to be able to put your feet up, and read or just relax.

  3. I don't have many footstools, but yours are very nice. You do a swell job recovering!!!

  4. I have a thing for stools too and did a post on it last year. They are so cool with a lot of personality.

  5. I am glad you can enjoy the "worn" ones as cozy and comfortable! I enjoy beautiful things that are "worn", too. I call it timeworn elegance. Bless you. Beth K.

  6. Hi Rebecca....I like the second one up from the bottom the best. Do you upholster them, too? Susan

  7. I love them too Rebecca! They are like Jello....
    you know, always room for MORE!



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