color burst

 Nothing more "thrifty" than a can of paint!
I'd bought a pint matched to a piece of furniture I needed to touch up.
Enough remained to paint the shelf my husband cut to add to the bookcase (above).
Now it holds all the children's Golden Books
I've purchased at garage sales and thrift stores.
This is one of the first places our grandchildren head when they come to visit!

I'm not so proud of  this photo of our old radio/phonograph unit, 
but I wanted to show the board my husband painted with the same paint
to fill in the gap at the back.
Some time ago, we "gutted" it,  Now it serves to hold our small boom box
(in the slide-out drawer)
and some magazines and a basket of ribbon below.
I'm enjoying this most recent Color Burst!


  1. Love it! And Little Golden Books make me go all swoony...

    1. Me, too - the Golden Books! And as you see, I have a few. I especially like the ones illustrated by Eloise Wilkins...

  2. You and your hubs are a great pair, Rebecca. You compliment each other so well. Nice job on all your finds. Susan

  3. The touches of blue look fabulous.
    I love your old radio, and how smart to put your small boom box there. I adore those old radios, I am determined to find one one of these days.
    Hugs, Cindy

  4. Golden books are so "timeless". I am a grandmother, too, and those are the first books the little ones head for. I loved them when I was a little girl. They were my favorites, and my kids loved them. Now, another generation of children are getting to know them. It may go on for many generations to come!

  5. One of my favorite colors! Looks great!

  6. You always have such good ideas. What for your grandchildren to come and find those Golden Books.

    I left a Versatile Blogger Award for you at my blog if you want to receive it.

  7. I LOVE the old phonograph/radio. I saw one at a thrift store a long time ago, but just could not buy it. It had a perfect empty place just like yours to put goodies. I had lots of littles at the time, and I probably bought shoes and diapers that day instead.


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