vacation-thrifted books

 For moi!  (Never one to pass up an Alexandra Stoddard book--
even if I already own a copy!)
 These (above) are food for the soul.  I finished Thomas R. Kelly already.
Perfect book to read on vacation!
And for the grandchildren - THIS one coverless...but just LOOK at the illustrations!
Some of you may remember that a few posts ago
I showed an Uncle Wiggily game that I also thrifted.
It was a huge hit with two of the grands who came to visit a couple of weeks ago.
 My brother discovered this Mike Mulligan book 
(kind of a "classic").
Since he already has a copy on his shelves, he let me claim it - for $.25!
My husband is going to find a 10"x34 1/4" piece of board to fashion a fourth shelf
for the bookcase that holds all our children's Golden Books.  I'll show you the shelf 
when he finishes it.
 These 4 items were free!  I ALWAYS try to see if there is a "free box"
and am not embarrassed to rummage through it when I find one.
(Hubby and I tried out the Sorry game this evening.  Fun!)


  1. Oh Rebecca, I'm with you on Alexandra. I never pass-up any of her books. I have about 17 of them in my home library! Love, love, love, Alexandra. Also, Susan Branch. Take care. Susan

  2. Love the kitty Pez...and I know that enjoyed the Sorry game.
    Great finds!

  3. More Alexandra Stoddard fans! Good haul on the books!

  4. Great book haul. I used to have several Stoddard books, the must still be around here somewhere.


  5. You found some great books! I love the Uncle Wiggly illustrations, they remind me of Beatrice Potter's books, a little. Very charming. I always look for a free box, and I am not above going through it and claiming what ever I like. I know when I have a garage sale, I am always so happy to be rid of the stuff in that box.
    Hugs, Cindy

  6. I'm a great Stoddard fan too. Also, the small devotional by E. Stanley Jones, I think I have most or all of them. Irresistible with his sensible teachings of the 1950's era. I also have, or had (may have given it away) the God's Abundance devotional. I love devotional books the most. You must have a pretty-good-sized house to display and store all your collectibles. Thanks for sharing.


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