vacation miscellany

 Three see-through plastic storage boxes.  Fifty cents each.  Always useful at OUR house!
 Never one to pass up ANYthing blue and white, I snatched up these candles.
 I've always loved this quote (above).  
I was happy to find it on a plaque - very reasonably priced.
 This, I believe, is a juicer.  It has already taken its place in a wooden bowl
 containing other wooden kitchen tools.  ($.25)
 I've never figured out how to wear scarves properly myself, but I admire them...
 and I COULDN'T pass up this colorful one made in Italy designed with a map and scenes 
 from Greece.
Maybe one of these days I'll show you the books I bought while visiting thrift stores 
in states south of ours.  I just can't seem to resist scouring the book shelves.
I DID resist several furniture pieces.  There just wasn't room in the car!


  1. You always find the best things!
    I need to get to our local thrift shop. Haven't been for months! Look at the things I am missing, Rebecca!!!
    Great finds.

  2. Hey...
    What fun!
    If you are ever in may area...
    there is a good used furniture store...
    I bought a Wardrobe made out of Pine for $90.
    I also got a nice wooden stool for $10.
    I haven't been there in a while....
    but need to go soon!
    Take care,

  3. Oh plastic boxes are so nice, because you can see what's in them :) :) Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :) :) :)

  4. I love those candles! My first thought was "Oh how pretty!"...I do so love thrifting.

  5. Those candles would have caught my eye too!! I've never seen anything like them. I enjoy seeing the thrifty things you find.

  6. those candles are so pretty! you found some great stuff enjoy your new treasures ~Love Heather

  7. All tlhat and books too? Yes, that is a wooden lemon juicer, I have one I use all the time.


    1. That's what I "figured". Maybe I'll get over the bottled lemon juice concentrate and juice lemons myself now!?!

  8. With my blue and white habit, you KNOW I loved those candles. So pretty. Those plastic boxes were a bargain too!

    1. What IS it about blue and white??? I've washed the boxes now and can think of 101 uses already.

  9. Your wooden tools finds are treasures, Rebecca. Treasures.
    I love them!!

  10. I love seeing all your're the best thrifter I've ever seen!!! So glad you're having such a great vacation!!!

    1. Oh, my, Deb! That's quite an honor :) I do enjoy my hobby/habit.

  11. Wooden kitchen of my favorite
    things to collect as well. For me it is butter paddles. I am addicted!!


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