shopping my closet

Sunday.  And it's a pretty big day for me!
I've been diligently working to lose some
weight so I could "shop the closet".
The Lord knows there's plenty of clothes in it!
Today, I fit comfortably into this thrifted, vintage dress. It was missing the cloth belt, so I belted it with a navy blue belt I also found at a thrift store.

See the word stenciled above me?
That pretty much sums up my journey this far.

Here I am standing next to a golden oak buffet
that we got at a thrift store years ago.  Most of the white wares on its top were also found at thrift stores (except the pumpkin - which I made at a ceramic shop).  This picture "tells" me I could tidy that buffet top up a bit...and maybe do SOMEthing to look a little less matronly in the dress.  (I was so excited to fit in it that I didn't think about accessorizing!)
If you missed my previous post
(Tall, Huge, Seasonal), take a look at some of my weekend finds.
I just couldn't wait another day to celebrate my closet!


  1. Good for you! Success "wears" well!

  2. Looking Good how exciting to be shopping in your closet!! Great Job Rebecca your looking Great I would imagine you are feeling good also! ~I always love seeing your home and great thrifted treasures ~Love Heather

  3. Very pretty! I love your white ware and that buffet is gorgeous!

  4. Congratulations Rebecca, and thanks for the encouragement, and motivation. I really have got to get busy.

  5. Your efforts have paid off I see. Congratulations. BTW, I think the dress looks very classic and really doesn't need a lot of accessories.


    1. Thanks, Darla. I guess I just FEEL a little matronly :)
      (Maybe 'cause I AM!)

  6. You look lovely in the dress. If it was me I would also do some accessorising and have fun, maybe a brightly coloured scarf in my case.

    1. Thanks, Jenny! What a great suggestion!

  7. I need to try on clothes in my closet and get rid of those that are too big. I don't want to gain weight back! lol

  8. i love the dress :) you look adorable!


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