Yesterday, I complete the task of ripping out all the seams of this unit.
 I say "unit" because I have NO idea what it had been...
This one was actually the second of two.
 Now I am ready to rip into this mod combination of blues and greens.
Above you see it draped across the back of a chair in front of some curtains 
I fashioned from like colors and fabric, thrifted like the others.
 Likewise, the curtains in our upstairs bathroom....
and these (below) in our living room.
It's possible that my most recent purchases may end up one day
like THIS one (below)...
 I harvested enough vintage fabric to cover two chairs and an ottoman
and hired the upholstery done by a professional years ago.
I'm still as charmed by them NOW as I was THEN.
Fabric.  Yet another item I find difficult to pass up
at thrift stores!


  1. Your chair and ottoman are fantastic....You sure have a good eye.

  2. You are amazing! I wish you lived closer so I could learn more from you! I bet you could help me with a office chair that needs a new bottom. Now why do you think the bottom is worn out while the back is just like new? Hum, tells me I am doing too much sitting, ya think?

  3. I SHOULD take an upholstery course. We have done flat seats of dining room chairs, etc. but that's about all....

  4. Beautiful chair and ottoman, Rebecca...
    I love sewing...but I don't think I could do upholstering.
    I admire your tenacity, my friend. Continued success to you in all that you undertake to do.
    Thank you for your friendship.

  5. Love the chair and ottoman.
    I swear, I think I am frugal until I read your posts!
    You have me beat by a mile.


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