Warm, White, Wool

    I wore my second "new" sweater to church this morning.
 Off white; wool; warm!  (I "featured" the first in my previous post...)
The price was one-half a dollar at a church rummage sale Friday morning.
  Saturday evening we hosted our Home Connection--
 a  group of friends from church--in our home.
 I composed these centerpieces for the two tables.
Just used what I had on hand--some wooden fruit, candles, pottery, etc.
Candlelight created a special, welcoming atmosphere for our evening.
I stuck a single (artificial) flower into a little vanilla jar
that I couldn't bear to throw away.
It added to the fall assemblage on our mantel.
 I believe my fall sweater wardrobe is complete now.
I'm thankful to have found this second one to add 
to others in my wardrobe from years past.
Enough IS enough.
Here's a closeup of the detailing I did on the half-round table
my husband fashioned for me...


  1. Beautiful things...all of them. Weather here was chilly this morning too...not ready for that...heard St. Joe, Mo and Lawrence, KS had their first frost last night....too soon! Not ready! I will admit I like sweater dressing better than summer things though.

  2. Love the vanilla jar! Great sweater find!! I love fall and have been falling it up around here.

  3. Very nice sweater and for 1.50$ you can't go wrong wool lasts forever I just thrifted a super cute merino wool argyle cardigan I can't wait till it cools off and I can wear it ~Love Heather

    1. That was FIFTY CENTS, Heather! And my sentiments exactly - "I can't go wrong with this!"

  4. The white sweater is a good addition to your wardrobe, goes with everything. Once again I just shake my head at the prices you pay for the goodies you find. Amazing!


  5. I love sweater weather..I am looking for a nice button cardigan that does not have huge sleeves. They are comfortable. I bet the lady's enjoy your hospitality. :)

  6. p.s. on Monday. Nice jacket, Rebecca. I love white. You look great. Thanks for your visit and comment on my blog! Nice to see you stopped by. Susan

  7. Whew, I had no idea how cold it was Sunday until I stepped out the door. I should have worn a sweater, too. I love a winter white. The centerpieces are welcoming.


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