Nice While it Lasted...

 I did a double take when I drove by a garage sale yesterday and saw this sectional!
 I had to find a driveway to turn around and return to check it out!
I fell in love with it instantly.
The price was right,
it was clean; it was comfortable;
so I brought it home...
put it together in the garage...
and went ga-ga over all its retro features.
We thought and thought and could think of no new arrangement
 to make it work in our living room.
 Within hours I made a contact or two,
 and this morning it is sold.
It sure was nice while it lasted.  


  1. Hi my dear-so nice of you to stop by with your lovely comment, hope you are well too and it looks like you are at your thrifty best-that was a great find, a pity it did not stay for long!! Wishing you a fab weekend xxxx

  2. Oh my, Rebecca. That looked like a nice set. Too bad you couldn't have made it work but great that you sold it! Can't be that. Take care and have a nice weekend. Susan

  3. We had a sectional and a large living room, but it's surprising how few options there are! How nice you were able to dispose of it so quickly!

  4. Oh what a bummer, we had a hard time fitting some of our furniture pieces that we bought in the middle east back home with us ...but thankfully we squeezed quite a bit of it in although we did have to get rid of a few pieces...

  5. It would have FIT IN MY FRONT ROOM! I love this type of furniture and have dubbed it *Aunt Freida* type! I remember growing up and being at her and my Granny's house.....they had this kind of furniture and always had crocheted pillows on the top....for decoration AND to throw! The arms were nice and big for doilies also. sigh. I hope it found a good home.

  6. Oh Rebecca, if only we lived nearer, I've been after a retro corner suite for years! x

  7. You are a great business woman as well as a super decorator. Great find.

  8. Very nice - bet it went to a great home and just think, you did get to enjoy it for awhile!

  9. What a great piece! Glad you found it a good home.:)

  10. That is a beautiful sectional! It's too bad it didn't fit anywhere, I love the retro look, too, so pretty!
    Hugs, cindy


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