Not Just for Spices Anymore!

 I actually have two of these hanging now - one in the guest room
 and this one, hung today in our living room.
That STILL leaves me with these two extra ones...
wonder if I could drum up some interest???
Meanwhile, look what I found today at my second-favorite-thrift-store!
It has WONDERFUL, feminine lines
 and fits (almost) like a glove!
That's the scoop on the spice in MY life today!
I sure hope your pre-autumn days are as beautiful as those
we're enjoying here in northeast Indiana!


  1. Your home is so interesting and that jacket is very cute.

  2. I love how you reworked that spice rack and I'm waiting for temps like yours! Happy thrifting! Ann

  3. Hi Rebecca...We are, indeed, enjoying glorious weather (at the moment). I like the glass items in the cabinet. Very cute. Jacket's nice, too! Susan

  4. Rebecca, are you offering those cabinets to your readers?? Is that what you mean by drumming up interest? I love the second one that looks unfinished. How much would you charge for it? The jacket is also darling. You always find the very best things when you go shopping!

    1. I DID list them on a facebook garage sale for $5. But I'm afraid postage would add too much to make it worthwhile. (That's one of the reasons I haven't gotten into etsy or ebay...)

      I've had these for quite awhile - actually before we moved here I had them on the wall together. Made a nice display in my opinion. Just kind of forgot I had them all until I went looking for something else.....

  5. The way you filled the spice cabibnet is pretty! I do wonder when you will run out of wall and floor space thought, ha-ha! I just read about a 9 day flea market in Friendship, Indiana. Have you ever been there?

    1. No! I've never heard of Friendship...

      And I ran out of wall and floor space some TIME ago. I just forgot to stop going to thrift stores :)


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