There. That's Done!

Last year I got rid of a lot of excess "Halloween" decorations.
I stored everything left in one basket.
 I'm glad I did it.  It made decorating the mantel this year
SO much easier!
 One thing that was NOT in the basket was this box (below).
I found it while looking for the basket!
I have NO idea when/where I got it....
but it is PERFECT for holding the chalk I use
when changing the message on the chalk board that hangs next to the mantel! 

Oh.  You know how they say, "Step back.  Take a look and remove one thing"?
I removed the gold sheep that you can see
on the far right hand side in the top photo.
What WAS I thinking!
Then...I thought it best to move the basket to the outside...
The Final Draft


  1. very cute Rebecca! I did my mantle yesterday as well. I LOVE your chalk box! I wish I had one of those chalk boards you and Gary made, especially the primitive looking one. I found something on my swap group that I'm picking up tonight and hope it works for me. Since I don't have a cute box like yours I thought I'd try putting some chalk in a mason jar...I remember your crow, and LOVE that too!

  2. Looks great love your autumn decorations!

  3. I love how you Americans decorate your houses in tune with the seasons. Your mantle looks gorgeous, I'm especially loving the old crate! x

  4. It's amazing how much better the things look in the last picture. Just removing one thing and changing the lamp made such a difference. And I love the raven. He's a great old bird.

  5. Just gorgeous vignette Rebecca..I love it.

  6. Nice job Rebecca. I especially love your "chalk box". You are ahead of me and I have finally have a mantel I can decorate! Thanks for the inspiration. Ann

  7. Looks good. I've been weeding out, too. I don't know how I accumulate so much stuff. Working on the garage today. I've decorated for fall already--my favorite season.

  8. That chalk box is great. You definitely have an autumn feel going on. I will probably wait until the end of Sept. to put out a few things.


  9. love with you fall decor.


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