what a deal

On our way home from our short getaway yesterday, we stopped at a small thrift shop that we live too far away from to visit often...By bedtime, we were this far on the baseball jigsaw puzzle I bought. It requires a magnifying glass to read all the stadium names
and other fine print. 
 I was charmed by this ceramic cat (even though I'm not a big fan of real cats).
The basket, pink velvet ribbon and white Homer Laughlin bowl caught my fancy, too--
along with an Arch Book - a child's version of the Bible story of the woman at the well.
My husband found 2 pair of slacks and a sweater.
We left the store $3 and some odd cents poorer!
What a deal.

old stuff...new eyes

 We treated ourselves to a very short getaway.
Seeing sights like these as we wandered through the shoppes that were open
 (it's not actually "the season" yet), we gathered ideas and enthusiasm
for using some of the spare parts and pieces
we've gathered over time to create some new pieces.
I'm already looking for a corner in which to place the open cabinet (below)
after we find a door to split and refurbish!
 A couple of shoppes specifically asked that no photos be taken.  
So I'm relying on my memory and brief descriptions scribbled 
in my journal to remind me.
It's time to see old stuff with new eyes!

this is war!

Vix commented on my last post about my recent journey to keep my kitchen counters and sink clean:  "I'd love to develop that habit but I think I'm genetically predisposed to being messy and maximalist!"

And I replied, "Oh, Vix! Me, too. But (for me) there was just something about the piles that accumulated on "my" kitchen counter! I could tolerate them about so long...and then my head exploded thinking about going through the piles."

I HAVE resigned myself to the fact that I MUST be genetically predisposed to being both messy and maximalist.  But I MUST have an equal predisposition to becoming overwhelmed by stacks of paper and miscellany that seem to accumulate out of NOwhere and grow like Jack's beanstalk - overNIGHT!

So, in the words of Elaine (another blogger friend), I "soldier on".  
One small step after another.  
Simplicity is relative.
That's why I labeled one of the pictures, "Relatively uncluttered"
My counters will never be as sparsely furnished as some I see.
But it's not a competition, and that's not my goal.
  Living with my two warring, genetic predispositions IS!

a simple habit

My weekend delight is the simplicity of clean counters.
For some, that may not be a "biggie", 
but it has  been a challenge for me the majority of my life.
For the past 19 days, I've been faithful at cleaning off counters
and keeping up with the dishes.
What a difference it makes in my mind and emotions!
I believe I have 2 more days before this becomes
an official habit.
Guess it's about time.
Is there a simple habit that YOU'D like to establish
yet in your lifetime????

a thing for footstools

As I see them here, I see shabby and worn. 
 As I experience them everyday, 
I think, "Comfortable and Comforting".
I DO have a thing for footstools
and have difficulty passing them up when I see them
in thrift stores or at garage sales. 
Some I recover.
Others I cherish "as are".

black and white

Today I'm wearing a black sweater, buttoned up with black fabric buttons,
a 3-strand pink necklace,
 and a black wool skirt.
All clothes - and necklace -  were thrifted.
I like the silhouette created by this combination.
 Yesterday I buzzed in and out of my Favorite Thrift Store.
I was pleased to find these three white ironstone pieces.
 It's a busy week.  This may be all I find, but I'm a happy lady!

another shade of blue

 All in our master bedroom.

 All found in thrift stores.
None lately.
Still on the "hunt"!
There's always room for one more.
 I leave you with this picture....Not great quality - but proof that I still exist.
I'm working on my weight (again) and soon will be able to fit into
many of my clothes.  It's easier (and more fun) to shop at thrift stores when
I am in size 8 or 10 clothes.  Can't wait.
Meanwhile, I'm wearing brown slacks (given me by a friend)
with one of my favorite black shirts and a long strand of amber beads,
looped three times to fill in the neckline...

pineapple "love"

It's on the workbench.  I've fashioned a part of a leaf that had broken off at the top out of some putty-type stuff my husband had on hand.  It was part of my $2.41 purchase documented in my prior post.  I am VERY excited about this "find".  While the repair dries, I'm trying to figure out what color to paint it.  Any suggestions?

simply birds and flowers

Have I said, "I ♥ blue"?
 I went to My Favorite Thrift store today.  I spent $2.41. 
 I enjoy Books of Days.  I think they make wonderful giveaways or personal gifts.
This one contains delightful Victorian sketches of flowers--
both wild and cultivated.
My handkerchief drawer will have four more "chiefs".
I think the blue roses on the top one are simply beautiful.
 The two miniature baskets will find a spot in one of my doll houses...
and I bought an iced tea spoon and this loose tea infuser.
Finally, included in my purchase today is a project--
a large, plaster pineapple.
It needs some repair and a coat of paint.
I can't wait to show it off!
What have you been finding lately?

happy hearts

Thrifted child's rocker
 "A happy heart makes its own song."
Found rock

Thrifted "pocket"
"To be happy, do not add to your possessions but subtract from your desires."
'nother thrifted (pottery) pocket

what was i thinking?

All thrifted, of course.
I tell myself, "This way, I can bake a pie and present it as a gift along with the pie plate."
The problem with that is:  I'm not a pie-baker.
What's bugging me is that I know I have at least one other--
a CorningWare piece that matches my other CorningWare.
(This train of thought started with a friend's facebook comment..
See here if you're curious.)

of course...

Belt, Scarf, Skirt, and Black Shirt...
all from my closet.
And before that, a thrift store.
Of course!

cheap thrills

A foray to my Favorite Thrift Store this week netted me these treasures 
(plus a nifty golf mug that pleases my husband, a book,
and some rubber or plastic farm animals--one of these days
I'll show 'em here).
 Total cost:  $1.07.
That's right.  For EVERYTHING I just listed!
 A bit of glue, and the pineapple napkin holder was good as new.
(Made in Hawaii).  It holds a few valentine postcards currently...
And how could I pass up the compact sewing kit?
 Its contents show no sign of use.
 I'll use the Spiderman case to hold SOMEthing
for one of our grandsons.  Such fun!
Cheap thrills keep me going back for more.
Did YOU have any "cheap thrills" this past week?