Yesterday, I complete the task of ripping out all the seams of this unit.
 I say "unit" because I have NO idea what it had been...
This one was actually the second of two.
 Now I am ready to rip into this mod combination of blues and greens.
Above you see it draped across the back of a chair in front of some curtains 
I fashioned from like colors and fabric, thrifted like the others.
 Likewise, the curtains in our upstairs bathroom....
and these (below) in our living room.
It's possible that my most recent purchases may end up one day
like THIS one (below)...
 I harvested enough vintage fabric to cover two chairs and an ottoman
and hired the upholstery done by a professional years ago.
I'm still as charmed by them NOW as I was THEN.
Fabric.  Yet another item I find difficult to pass up
at thrift stores!

found at the church rummage sale

 I found these pieces at the same Church Rummage Sale
where I purchased the white wool sweater.
 Can you help me out with the name of this type of art?  
 I think I used to know....but I've forgotten.
  You can imagine me trying to carry the pair of brass candlesticks
AND the framed art
as I traversed the gymnasium-sized room!
 Somehow I managed to put this decorative mask under one arm
as I made my way to the table to pay!
I sure enjoy Church Rummage Sales.
 I'm wearing one of my denim jackets today.;
SOME day I'll compose a post showing my "collection"!
I ♥ denim jackets.
(I DIDN'T find any at the rummage sale.)

Warm, White, Wool

    I wore my second "new" sweater to church this morning.
 Off white; wool; warm!  (I "featured" the first in my previous post...)
The price was one-half a dollar at a church rummage sale Friday morning.
  Saturday evening we hosted our Home Connection--
 a  group of friends from church--in our home.
 I composed these centerpieces for the two tables.
Just used what I had on hand--some wooden fruit, candles, pottery, etc.
Candlelight created a special, welcoming atmosphere for our evening.
I stuck a single (artificial) flower into a little vanilla jar
that I couldn't bear to throw away.
It added to the fall assemblage on our mantel.
 I believe my fall sweater wardrobe is complete now.
I'm thankful to have found this second one to add 
to others in my wardrobe from years past.
Enough IS enough.
Here's a closeup of the detailing I did on the half-round table
my husband fashioned for me...

everything about it

The color
 the fit
the style
the warmth
the price.
I ♥ EVERYTHING about it.
(Thrift store purchase, of course.)

 My hubby, Working Wonders, constructed this GREAT half-round table
from a discarded dining room table found curbside!
I made my first homemade batch of chalk paint
and this is the first coat applied....Watch for finished product coming soon!
I'm liking EVERYTHING about IT, too.

I Wonder as I Wander

I wonder.  
What would have YOU done?
While headed home from Michigan late yesterday afternoon,
a garage sale sign caught our attention.
We slowed down on the country road (Amish territory) and entered the lane.
My husband saw them first.
Four chairs.
A little worse for the wear, but "solid as rocks"!
$1 each.
With two in the back seat
and two in the trunk - open, of course - steadied by bungie cords,
we traveled the rest of the way home.
Here they are.
Safely in our garage - awaiting a decision.
Seriously.  What would have YOU done?

There. That's Done!

Last year I got rid of a lot of excess "Halloween" decorations.
I stored everything left in one basket.
 I'm glad I did it.  It made decorating the mantel this year
SO much easier!
 One thing that was NOT in the basket was this box (below).
I found it while looking for the basket!
I have NO idea when/where I got it....
but it is PERFECT for holding the chalk I use
when changing the message on the chalk board that hangs next to the mantel! 

Oh.  You know how they say, "Step back.  Take a look and remove one thing"?
I removed the gold sheep that you can see
on the far right hand side in the top photo.
What WAS I thinking!
Then...I thought it best to move the basket to the outside...
The Final Draft

Same Thing/Many Things

"I have a bunch of these already. 
I wonder how many I would need in order to stop buying them?"
(Jacqueline, Cabin & Cottage)
Jacqueline was writing about clothespins,
 but I have wondered the SAME thing about MANY things! 
 Yesterday it was earrings!
 The verbal price was better than the tagged price...
 "Two pair for twenty-five cents!"  she cheerfully chirped.
 She had me there!

What's YOUR thing(s)?

Not Just for Spices Anymore!

 I actually have two of these hanging now - one in the guest room
 and this one, hung today in our living room.
That STILL leaves me with these two extra ones...
wonder if I could drum up some interest???
Meanwhile, look what I found today at my second-favorite-thrift-store!
It has WONDERFUL, feminine lines
 and fits (almost) like a glove!
That's the scoop on the spice in MY life today!
I sure hope your pre-autumn days are as beautiful as those
we're enjoying here in northeast Indiana!

Nice While it Lasted...

 I did a double take when I drove by a garage sale yesterday and saw this sectional!
 I had to find a driveway to turn around and return to check it out!
I fell in love with it instantly.
The price was right,
it was clean; it was comfortable;
so I brought it home...
put it together in the garage...
and went ga-ga over all its retro features.
We thought and thought and could think of no new arrangement
 to make it work in our living room.
 Within hours I made a contact or two,
 and this morning it is sold.
It sure was nice while it lasted.  

Labor Day Weekend - Trivial Pursuits

Architectural pieces, heavy (cast iron?) and hiding in our garage,
make good bookends!

50 cents!  Can't wait to wear 'em!

 A few of my Labor Day Weekend finds (above)...
a look to copy (below - from a magazine browsed through at Barnes and Noble)...
a craft to try (below - also from a magazine at B & N)...
and a surprise from my closet--
wrinkled but fitting!