clearing out

I found this book last week at a thrift store.
There were 40 beautiful plates of various botanical prints.
I decided I would NOT be framing them myself 
no matter how good I thought they'd look in frames...
so I posted it on a local facebook garage sale page and it sold within hours.
 I haven't had the heart to part with the oversized book of great paintings (below) yet.
It's  FULL of wonderful pictures and great information.
The cedar chest below has been my husband's project over the past week.
He constructed a new lid to replace the original warped one
and completely refinished the rest of the chest for our friends.  (It belonged to his
now deceased mother I think they will be pleased!)
I am proud of his skills!  Didn't it turn out beautifully?

Now, confession time.  I saw the "cubby" sitting beside a trash can
on a country road last week.  We scrubbed it up and sawed off a broken divider.
That's all.  
Listed it on the facebook garage sale today,  it too sold immediately!
Now I hope to sell this sweet 1960s retro typewriter!
Its lid attaches to form a carrying case.  
Our grandchildren have enjoyed typing on it, but it's time for it to find a new home.
I'm pleased with my recent efforts to clear out several thrift store finds
(and make room for NEW ones)!


  1. So proud of your progress, Rebecca.
    I know it must be beyond difficult to part with some of these treasures.
    Kudos to you (and your sweet hubby) for rescuing/restoring/selling so many wonderful items.
    My hat is off to both of you.
    Happy spring!!!

    1. It's a hobby AND a "disease" - at the same time, Jackie :)

  2. You seem to have good luck turning over your items...I am glad for you. I never do so well.

    1. One of the reasons (I think) is that I keep my asking price really low. I've REALLY been selling quite a few items lately and am thankful. Since I don't work, it is a little extra income.

  3. That's wonderful that you've been selling a few pieces, Rebecca. You have such a good eye for beautiful things when you're thrifting!

  4. Good for you, Rebecca. Those seem like good sales...good for you, good for the buyers. Susan

  5. Hi there-well done indeed-great finds and sales- your hubby is very talented too xxx

  6. Congratulations on selling all of these wonderful items. I love the cubby hole shelf and yes, your husband did a beautiful job on the lovely chest.
    Hve a good week.

  7. Good job! Your husband does great work-the chest looks beautiful.

  8. I think the two of you have found a second calling.

  9. OH!.., the botanical book.., sigh...

  10. The book of botanical prints would have been a thrilling find for me, I'm sure your buyer was delighted. I've never heard of a facebook garage sale before. Wonder if they have them in our area.



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