the blues

I started out with my scarf THIS way...
but changed it around when I saw a friend wearing hers THIS way--
(This scarf was a gift and one of the prettiest I own.)
Do you have a favorite scarf?
And do you - like me - ever feel awkward about tying them?
While showing a bit of blue today, I might as well show you the closed curtains over
our kitchen sink....
 While usually open and looking through the back enclosed porch into the back yard,
when company came Saturday night, I decided to close them
to block the view of the cluttered porch.
It makes for a cozy feel in my kitchen, and I rather LIKE it.
(At least until I get the porch straightened up!)


  1. Very pretty scarf my friend and I love the way you wrapped it around your neck...but how did you do that! I like scarfs, but I'm so bad at fixing them! Have a good week.

  2. I love the colors in your scarf and the fact that it has 'hearts'. The scarf in the second photo really shows off it's beauty and fringe too.

    Have a wonderful week ~ FlowerLady

  3. I do have scarfs, most gotten as gifts. Rarely used them since have no idea how to wear them :). May need to try this. :)

  4. That's a lovely scarf and I also love scarves, but don't wear them too much. I wear the smaller ones that I have, I have a short neck and a scarf can just feel like too much. But, I do admire those who do wear them. I adore the kitchen curtains that you have, they're really pretty!
    Hugs, Cindy

  5. I love scarves and have quite a few. I know there are many ways to tie them but I always wear mine like your second photo. It just stays around the neck so much more easily that way. That is a gorgeous scarf and I so love blue.

  6. I wanted to stop by because I liked your comment on Better After regarding that lovely dresser that was painted. I feel exactly the same way about painted furniture.

    I love that scarves have made a comeback. I actually wore my newest favorite scarf today.

    I'm off to explore your blog. Cheers!

  7. I like the new way to wear your scarf! I have a drawer and hangers filled with scarves but I"m not a big scarf-wearer. I should donate them to Goodwill.

    All winter I wear one or two favorite black ones, soft and warm.

    Hour curtains look nice, Rebecca, and they successfully block the view. Susan

  8. Like both ways you have the scarves. I have worn scarves for years...way for they were "in". I just bought a new one today for spring, lighter weight and in the new coral color.I have a drawer full of them...maybe I should start a scarf exchange!

  9. A Scarf Exchange! What a fun idea :)

  10. The blue scarf is truly lovely. I love scarves, but I do have trouble knowing how to wear them. I especially have trouble with the long, rectangle, shiny ones. I also have a short neck and scarves tend to bunch up there and I feel that something isn't quite right. The best kind for me are the cotton type, especially if they are square.

  11. How I love reading this blog Rebecca! It makes me feel like I have had a visit in your home! :) Thanks for inviting me over!


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