don't ask me why

 Above:   Today's addition to the herd!  A nickel's worth from a thrift store!
 It joins the others....
 currently on a couple of shelves.
 Only a few are very significant (and those only slightly).
 The rest are simply for fun.
Don't ask me why!
 (And don't get me started on the subject of children's books!)
And here I am - Wednesday morning.  Ready for several outings in my go-to-jeans-and-jacket.
Everything, including the animal print scarf was a thrift store find.
(I WILL dry and comb out my hair before I leave the house.)


  1. Awwwww, you love elephants, Rebecca. My daughter does, too, and has quite a few running aorund her living room. ha haha (No, not THAT kind of elephant in the living room. ha hahah)

    Hope you have a nice Tuesday. Raining here and it's kind of refreshing. Susan

  2. Interesting collection....aren't elephants good luck?

  3. Fab elephants, I've got a few dotted about. The black wood one's from Sri Lanka, my friend bought me one back 20 years ago! x

  4. Elephants look sad to me...even in a collection. I like your outfit and the scarf looks nice on you.

    1. I kind of know what you mean, Dee. I think I have read some sad accounts of their mistreatment by circuses, etc.....and carry that impression over into my "general" perception.


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