pajama party

Somewhere in BlogLand someone is having a Pajama Party. I'm not sure I've ever linked to a site (except to reference a quote or special feature that caught my eye), and I'm not starting now!
here are the two sleep-related items hanging on the back of the bathroom door.  My robe (on the left) and a nightgown on the right.  Nothing fancy and definitely nothing feminine--but OH so warm.  I've even cut off the turtleneck collar on the nightgown to make it more comfortable to wear.  For sleeping, I choose comfort over style.  Obviously.

Does it surprise you to know
that both of these items were thrift store purchases? 
(I didn't think it would.)

...another hint of plaid on our faux mantel in our eating area--a thrifted thermos


  1. Comfort and warmth are so important when it comes time for sleep, and it certainly helps if it's been thrifted! And, I love plaid!
    Hugs, Cindy

  2. They look warm and cozy very good thrifted finds :) and nope I am not surprised at all hehe ;) Love Heather

  3. Oh, those do look cozy :) I love some good thrifted broken in casual wear, usually has a nice, soft, buttery feel.

  4. comfort is my choice of style. :)

  5. I love plaid. I love warmth. I love comfort. I love thrifted. Surprised? Not at all. I'm with you on all counts. Amen. :O)

  6. Both items look so comfortable and are in my favorite color - plaid!

  7. Hmm.., now you've got me thinking that maybe I should start hanging the flannel bathrobes in the kitchen with the rest of the plaid...

    1. said your husband is working on a kitchen redo??????

  8. Plaid flannel always reminds me of my childhood. Very comforting.


  9. Love comfort & thrift stores! Thank you for stopping by my blog today and commenting!I'm in the middle of enjoying your blogs!


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