Phewer Phun Phashionist Photos

I'm sad.  In spite of all the fine features of our new Smart Phones, the one  I FORGOT to be sure to look for when purchasing was the time delay on the camera. Soooooooo, while I have a better camera, I have no way to take my "fashion" photos!

Oh well, fashionista that I am (not) -- it's probably not a big deal.

Here I am in my almost-uniform.  Except for the blue skirt, It's pretty well what I wear around the house most days.  The shoes are a little fancier, because I'm off to our Ladies' Home Connection - a Bible study and lunch with friends that meet every other week...

I'm wearing a black patent-leather belt (obscured by said Smart Phone) and a necklace of black jet beads.

(I'm holding my head high to minimize wrinkles on my neck--not because I'm snooty.)
Speaking of black, this is our Black and Decker Brew Station.
It may be on its last leg....but I did run a white vinegar solution through it this week
and it perked up a bit (no pun intended).
Above my Brew Station, on the inside of the cabinet door,
I have a sheet of directions for cleaning the coffee maker.
You can see I scribble dates (when I remember) that I cleaned it.
Actually, these directions are from several pots ago and go back YEARS.
I've also noted the dates that I replace the filters in our Brita water pitcher here.
My husband has placed reminders to check furnace filters
and the salt level in the water softener on the calendar on his phone...
How do YOU remind yourself of these maintenance chores?
(They really DO help prolong the life of household equipment!)


  1. You look lovely sweet lady. I love your outfit and yes, you are a great model! I should clean my coffee machine that you remind me!! See, I don't remind myself, I just look how dirty it looks and I go about it, lol.. Have a nice Bible reading reunion and wonderful weekend.

  2. I just got a new phone too, out of necessity! I got some perks, lost some "knobs". Why does there have to be so much change in the name of improvement? Smile.

  3. Just found your blog. Looking backwards I found you post about your open stairway. It's gorgeous! Please done even think about painting it white. That would indeed be a crime!

  4. Your fashion photo is really nice! You are so slim and pretty. Have a good weekend!

  5. I agree with Cindy. You look very slim in that photo, and pretty, too.

  6. I can't believe you wear that outfit around the house. It's very nice. You must be a very neat person. I love the jet beads. I have an old necklace that was my mom's which I enjoy.

    I remember things by writing little notes everywhere. Like when I clean the vacuum.


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