breaking up is hard to do

 Our old house is not without its challenges.  
 Particularly when it comes to arranging furniture!
Yesterday (before church no less),
 I decided to BREAK UP the sectional couch.
The job involved moving a chair to another room
and rearranging a few occasional tables.
In the end, I think I'm satisfied.  With a little tweeking
and some much needed dusting, I will enjoy this arrangement at least until 
the Christmas holidays!
I don't think ANYTHING in these photos was purchased retail - except the lamp
with the burgundy shade--and that because I had a gift certificate to a store
that was going out of business!

By the way, BREAKING UP the sectional was not nearly as hard
as taking these photos with my cellphone camera!


  1. It works! The room is so inviting and comfy looking.

  2. Your home and furnishings are so lovely Rebecca. Changing things around does wonders for us.

    Have a great week ~ FlowerLady

  3. I grew up with a mother who loved sectional sofas so we had two in our long large living room. One was black, the other pink! Somehow mom made it all work and it looked great. So, I guess I will always have a fondness for sectionals. They look great together or divided, as does yours here.

  4. I just love to rearrange rooms. We had a sectional in our old house that had a very large living room. We only brought the small sofa with us! But we had used it both ways as a sectional and separated so it didn't seem as crazy as it sounds.

  5. Gorgeous, so homely yet elegant! x

  6. I LOVE that old sectional! I have not seen one in years! If I ever get another sofa, I want to get a vintage one. By then my sofa will be vintage probably!
    The living room looks fabulous, I would love to sit down for a chat on your vintage sofa!

  7. Hi sweet Rebecca!

    I think your room looks wonderful! LOVE your pedestal coffee table!

    GUESS WHAT???? You won! You are one of the TEN winners!
    Stop by the blog for more information. Just need an address as to where you
    would like for me to send your Midwest Living Magazine!


    1. Oh, Alison, you are so kind. I can't wait to receive "my" magazine. Thank you.

  8. So comfy and yet with style your living room, perfect to seat for a chat and a tea cup :)


  9. You have a lovely living room no matter what changes. Sectionals are great for rearranging, you're right and I like how it turned out! Hugs,


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