the weekend in review

 Found at a church rummage sale on Friday.
 Repaired last night.
 Painted today!
 I think I'll distress it slightly before waxing it.
 These little steps might end up in our Christmas Cabin or sold on a facebook garage sale site.
 Who knows?
 Then today - though rainy and chilly - we checked out a couple of garage sales.
It was a much-needed change of pace for me
after some intense but important days of parent-sitting...
These two items will be interesting to refiinish!
What are YOU finding these days?


  1. Love how the red piece of furniture turned out, Rebecca. Look forward to the make-over of the other two! Hope your weekend is terrific. Susan

  2. Wow, great recover.
    I hope all is great with you, dear.
    I'm trying to restart blogging again..... let's see.....
    Have a nice week.

  3. Have not been thrifting for while! Soon a road trip though, maybe though...have you ever been to Whitewater Canal Historic Site in your state?

    And the little boy was born fine and grows well. At two, he looks like three at least. He is built like a bulldozer and moves like one as well. No worries that way. Thanks for asking.

  4. I keep forgetting to tell you how classy that white shirt photo on your page is!

    1. and "NO". I've never been to the Whitewater Historic Canal Site. I'll have to look it up and visit!

  5. O I think you have just encouraged me to look at Furniture in our local tip differently! I think I would need your creative insight to see the finished object though.

  6. We found a chair at our Salvation Army was only ten dollars....just what we needed. Comfortable, in good shape and the right price. Didn't get it because it was SO yellow. Not even I could think of a way to make it work in our front room.
    I think I need to go to more sales.......I enjoy seeing what you and your husband do with furniture finds.


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