I think it was the belt I bought for a quarter that I'm trying to show off here...
or maybe the Worthington (brand) skirt that was $1.25
at my Favorite Thrift Store.
While I'm at it, I'm excited about an old wash stand
we purchased at a garage sale this week.  
Gnawed by rodents while it sat in a barn,
it is now undergoing an extensive renovation at the hands of my husband.
Just look at those great "pulls"!
 I couldn't pass up this mirror, either.
 I sold it quickly to a friend who is putting it in her shop.
I suspect it is up for sale again.
The RE-cycle continues!


  1. You sure have a great eye for things and turning them into a new look and/or into cash. Way to go. I look forward to seeing that wash stand after your husband gets finished with it.

    Have a lovely day and a great week ~ FlowerLady

  2. Wow! You guys are more courageous than I would be with that dresser/washstand/whatever it was! Can't wait to see your husband's handiwork or miracle ;)))) Linda@Wetcreek Blog.

    1. Well, Linda, for $2......
      Didn't figure we could go wrong. The "pulls" are worth more than what we paid for the piece. And already, it's turning out rather nicely...

  3. I will be looking forward to seeing what you do with the washstand. There are so many possibilities!!!

  4. Has your husband tried chalk paint and wax.)
    Just wondered. I have a friend who uses it on everything....from wood to hardware to fabrics.
    I questioned her: "Fabric! Do you PAINT fabric?"
    She assured me that she does and that it comes out wonderfully.
    Just wondered if Hubby ever used it.
    Lovely always.

    1. Jackie, we haven't used the commercial chalk paint (it's very expensive), but we've made our own and use it (there are several formulas on the internet). Never used it on fabric, though....

  5. Oh boy. Can't wait to see the finished re-do on that barn piece, Rebecca. It's going to need your hubby's magic touch. Susan

  6. Thjat belt is a right old statement piece - fabulous find! Loving the mirror and that chest, too! xxx

  7. Hi my dear! You look lovely- I really love your belt and skirt! What a nice mirror too xx

  8. The mirror is swoon!!! Maybe you'll buy it back, lol! That barn piece is going to look great once you transforme it! Thank you for always been so sweet, lovely happy to have you over.

  9. You look usual! That mirror is gorgeous!!! I'm not sure I could have parted with it!


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