mix and match

I purchased these three pillows yesterday at a thrift store.
A tag on them assured me that they had been through a sanitizing process.
For 75 cents each (small ones) and a dollar and a quarter for the larger one,
I couldn't pass them up.  
I SO like the pattern & colors.
I'm trying them out with a couple of others on our vintage sectional couch.
Floral patterns in most any color scheme always catch my eye...
(The yellow in my "new" pillows is not quite as bright
as these pictures make it appear.)
 I couldn't pass up this belt for a quarter either!
Its silver trim went fine with the silver zipper on the denim vest I was wearing.


  1. Another good day in bargain land! Pillows are eye-catching. Belt--if only I had a waist!

  2. The pillows are gorgeous...adore how you mix and match. You look beautiful, my friend!!!

    1. Thank you, Debbie. I try (to mix and match).

    2. I like the pillows -- and what a bargain

    3. the pillows are very pretty, I love the design on them and the belt is very nice! I really like the best and scarf that you are wearing too!

    4. Thank you, Cindy! Yes, I like the design, too. (The bird is kind of a pale blue grey & the yellow not nearly as vivid as it looks in the photo.)

  3. Love that belt...if I lose weight I may start wearing a belt again....could be a new goal for me :)

  4. What a cute outfit with that great belt! I love all the mix and match fabrics too.


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