fun on the farm

 A longer-than-expected visit to my husband's office
(he's a pastor of a small, country church)
 gave me time to photograph
 a collection of farm-related items that decorate his shelves and walls.

 Except for a few tractors & implements that were our son's while growing up,
 the rest were gathered from garage sales and thrift stores.
 A picture of the barn (seen partially above) didn't turn out so well.
I'll try to photograph it another time.
 All in all, it's a fun collection, I think!

What collections have YOU augmented via thrift store shopping?


  1. What a great collection...tribute to the tractor life! I assume your hubby grew up on the farm and maybe drove a tractor himself. Have a great weekend.

  2. What a nice theme for him and the parishioners to enjoy. My youngest son had a wooden toy box that was a red barn. That came to mind when I saw the "missed photo" with the silo by it's side.

  3. Gosh, Rebecca. I love the paintings. They are sooooo pretty. Susan

  4. Those paintings are truly lovely. But I confess to being very fond of the tractors. I bought one at the thrift store for the grandson to play with, until his baby brother picked it up to throw at baby sister, lol. Now it sits on my bookcase as part of my ode to Farm Life theme that I have in my home.

    1. :) I guess just about ANYthing has the potential to be a weapon! I'm trying to think if I've seen any photos of your Farm Life theme...... I enjoy having a bit of a theme going. Brings cohesiveness to a room somehow.

  5. I didn't know that your hubby is a Pastor! My hubby was and is looking to do so again in the near future. I loved being a Pastor's wife, do you enjoy it?
    Your hubby's farm toys are wonderful. I am always on the lookout for that kind of thing, but seldom find them and when I do they are way out of my price range.
    Have a good week!

  6. ...and I thought that you husband is currently a pastor :) I love being a WIFE. I guess I don't define myself so much as a "Pastor's wife" -- though some people probably think of me as that, and it's very true that I am....There certainly are many privileges and joys associated with being married to a pastor, along with a few heartaches.

  7. Oh how terribly adorable those vintage toys are! I totally love them! Wow you are a wife of a Pastor of the Church, I am very impressed and yes, I'm sure you're a prud wife who always passes the Word to all of us with the beautiful verses you share sometimes. I also love to be a wife, although my wonderful hubby is not a Pastor, lol! Thank you for your sweet and kind visit to my Victoria's FC post. Have a blessed rest of the week, friend.


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