found and finished

 ...found, discarded.
 ....finished (below)
First, my husband patched it a bit...
Then he covered it with  little primer mixed with paint to tint  and
finished by brushing with thinned-down white paint.
Then I took a crumbled rag and blotted it till I achieved the desired effect..
And yesterday, on the way to be with my parents,
we stopped in to one of my favorite thrift stores where I found THIS.
I'm pretty sure I've never seen another sewing cart/side table
quite like it!


  1. What a great find in that pedestal. Is it made of cement? How tall is it? Are you going to keep it?

    That sewing cart is a great find too.

    Happy refurbishing ~ FlowerLady

    1. No, the pedestal was made of plaster of Paris. I wanted it finished to LOOK like cement :)
      Not sure if I'll keep it or not...

  2. That is one amazing cart. I wonder if it could also be some kind of tea cart. I have an old tea cart on wheels that has the "shelves" like that. What a curiosity.


  3. Clever people-- you both are! I just mentioned this morning to hubby that you would know what to do with our baby bed! He would like to get rid of it, but I am attached. It is huge baby/youth bed bought for my birth which was a big expense for my parents. All three of their children used it, my two children too. But not is it now "legal" as bars too far apart and bumper pads would move too endangering the baby. So I am trying to think of a way to save bed with recycling idea of some kind...just hate to see that bed tossed.

    1. My husband told me to tell you to make a bench/chair out of it. We did that some time ago. 2 of them from one crib. They turned out really great!

    2. Or I have seen a day bed made out of one go to: Also simply put into the search box on Pinterest 'crib turned day bed' and you will find several examples there.

  4. Those are all great finds! I'm sorry I've missed so many of your posts. Hugs, Cindy


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