Last year, I sorted through my autumn decorations.
I got rid of a lot of them and divided the rest into
Halloween & Thanksgiving categories.
 Then I wrote myself a note about where I was storing them.
 Unfortunately I can't remember where I put that note.
I picked up these three items AFTER the sorting--mostly in
"free boxes" at garage sales, if I remember correctly.
Each has found a place outdoors in the front of our house.
I hope I can find that note in time to get the Thanksgiving decorations out!
I know I have several interesting turkeys SOMEwhere...


  1. You know, I am missing some things this year too. I think it might be my mind and I am remembering things I got rid of for some reason! I weed and then miss.... You have a enough here to get started though...like that pumpkin trim in the bed spring wreath!

  2. Had to chuckle over your replacing the note, Rebecca. Glad you found the decorations shown. Nice job. They look cute. Susan

  3. The bed spring decoration is great. I have now started using a little spiral notebook to keep my "notes" in. Of course then I have to spend ages searching all the pages for the note I want. There must be a better way.


  4. I like the spring wreath, those are always so cute and the other decor is nice, too.

  5. I'm just like that! I would write a note too and then lose the note! Cute decorations!


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