falling off the wagon

I know I'm downsizing.  And I really HAVE been staying clear of thrift stores and garage sales.
Until today.
Driving through a small neighboring town on my way to visit my parents,
I stopped at a garage sale in the parking lot of the local Senior Center.
I am a sucker for prints and paintings.
That's all I'm going to say.
Items weren't priced.  Payment was on a donation basis.
I don't like those arrangements and generally walk away, but this time I didn't.
I couldn't resist the sweet, muted turquoise and yellow colors.


  1. Oh, she is beautiful! I see she probably has a story to tell someday. Show us later, how and where you use her. Well, if you have been getting things out, ONE thing IN is okay! Ha, ha.

    1. Thank you for your "support", Claudia :)

  2. I love that painting. It would have been very hard to pass up. I'm like you I want things to be priced.

  3. Lovely painting, Rebecca. A win/win situation all the way around, I'd say. Susan

  4. Wonderful painting. I don't blame you for stopping, what's a girl to do when their our charities in need of donations?

  5. I like that picture. You had some good luck that day.


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