what's gone?

 What's gone?
Well, in addition to the odds and ends on the table above
(and a few more I hauled out when I flipped the sign to say "free"),
 this piece that we remodeled to serve as a kitchen island or work space,
 the half-round sofa table my husband fashioned from a free furniture piece,
and four of these chairs with plenty of life left in them!
The furniture pieces were sold via local facebook sales sites.
I'm making progress.
but surely!


  1. I'd say you did GOOD! If I lived in a nice neighborhood, I'd have yard sales, but alas, I don't. God willing, come fall, my friend who lives in a nice area will be having yard sales again and several of us join her. I made a big $8 last time. :-)

    Have a great week ~ FlowerLady

  2. Yay! Decluttering is good! x


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