simple, thrifty and refreshing - a great combination

Not all Thrifty Style here involves thrifted "treasures".  Thrifty Style includes simplicity at many levels--including food.

Now sometimes it is simpler to go out to eat, but that's not exactly thrifty.  However, our evening snack tonight is both Simple AND Thrifty.  It's one of my favorite combinations - pineapple, oranges and bananas.

When I shop, I notice what's on sale in the produce department and try to incorporate it into meals.  This week, it was fresh pineapple!  Soon I hope to be enjoying another favorite combination - green grapes, cantaloupe and pineapple.

Do you have a favorite fruit combination?


  1. I love pineapple with cottage cheese. Please pass the bowl!

    1. Oh, I like that, too. My mother used to shred lettuce, top that with a canned pear half, and THAT with cottage cheese....sometimes pineapple was substituted for the pear. (Haven't thought about that for a LONG time....)

  2. I love fruit combos....and like you, I watch the grocery store produce sections for sales.
    Right now, I am on a watermelon, kiwi, and cantaloup kick. I also love red seedless grapes.
    I keep fresh fruit in our frig. Helps me to stay away from the salty snacks that I REALLY REALLY want!
    Love you, friend,

    1. Those ALL sound delicious. We had our first cantaloupe a week or so ago. It was a little disappointing flavor-wise. (I hate it when that happens.) I like red seedless grapes, too...


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