with admiration

...with admiration for all who are downsizing so successfully!
As I said on my facebook page:
Too many pillows here! All of them "speak" of another time and place...
Living well in the present means letting go of MANY things!
My challenge is compounded by the fact that I'm too lazy to have a garage sale
AND too lazy to gather it all together to give away.
It's not so much the larger, furniture pieces as the little miscellaneous stuff
I've accumulated since moving the last time over 12 years ago.
I'm open to suggestions.


  1. Well, you could invite several of your friends in like an estate sale and tell them to take what they want or to place where they are needed. You could have iced tea and cookies...sit a spell and visit while moving things out without packing or pricing!

  2. It is hard to part with things (speaking from personal experience.)
    I hope that you find the perfect solution for your downsizing.

  3. Pretty pillows. I don't have a problem parting with things these days but I want them to go where they will be appreciated. Woe to the person who says "Oh, I like your... whatever". They will be walking out the door with it. I'm beginning to feel like that neighbor who grows so much zucchini they resort to leaving bags of it on the neighbors porch at night. Can't you picture me out in my nightie dropping a vase here, a pillow there, sprinkling refrigerator magnets across the lawn?



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