Yesterday - wore this light, short jacket over a white sweater to church with a black velvet skirt.
It's a stay-at-home-day today.  I have household chores to do 
so choose to be comfortable.
Everything purchased at thrift stores.
I'm wearing my transitional-sized clothes
looking forward to smaller sizes


  1. Hello Rebecca! I hope your day will be full of good things and joy.

    It's an elegant stay-at-home-day and yet you seem comfortable. How great.


  2. Hi Rebecca...I love the fact that you are always working on yourself. You never give up and that counts! You always look nice. I'm about to head over to a sister's house to help her clean her cellar. Yuk! I should be working on my own. Take care and good luck doing all your necessary work at home. Susan

  3. Stay at home clothes are the hardest for me to figure out. I seem to have my going out clothes and those that are only suited for cleaning the oven or some such dirty job. I've been thinking about this.


  4. Hi my dear-the red jacket is very vibrant and stylish! Wishing you a good week ahead xx

  5. You sure look nice for doing household chores! Around the house, I look horrible, horrible! I have talked to myself and will try to get better about that since I am home so much more these days.

  6. You look lovely as always ~Love Heather

  7. Girl, I'm SO loving that white top..oh my goodness. Actually the entire outfit is gorgeous. Would be perfect for me at Walmart. Our dress code these days are black pants and white top or black top..Those slacks would be wonderful for Spring/Summer...


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