green and thrifted

In the past, "green" referred to a color - not an ecological movement!
Last week, I bought this green Bible at a thrift store.  Except for the first page, filled in with the name of the presenters, the recipient, and the occasion (in memory of a relative), it didn't appear that anyone had ever opened it!  Inside are several full-colored pictures....
...and some blank pages ready to receive family information.
These six pale green cafeteria style trays were actually FREE at a garage sale last summer. 
I couldn't NOT bring them home with me!
Years ago, we either thrifted or "rescued" the footstool. 
I found the fabric at a thrift store.  I like the pattern on it.
The light isn't quite right to show the beautiful green background of this lamp that sits on our piano.
The lamp, too, was a thrift store purchase.
This hardy plant sits on top of an old, upright radio cabinet. 
It is one of the very few plants that has thrived in our house. 
I believe it could legitimately be considered "green" by old AND new standards.


  1. Great collection of Green's - fitting both uses of the word. Those trays look like they would be fun to use.

    Darla - back home and back visiting my blogger friends.

  2. But you are evry green from having purchased these lovely things and saved them from landfill!
    Love the cafeteria trays, I'd love to play at being an air steward with them. xxx

  3. I have a similar lamp, but it is a cranberry color. I also have some plates that match...I tried collecting them for a while. Did a little research at one time and believe they were made in southern Ohio maybe about 60 years ago?

  4. "Green, green, green they say, on the far side of the hill" and in your house, Rebecca! Great job finding all your green treasures. They are enough to make someone "green" with envy! ha! Especially enjoyed seeing the Bible and your plant. Great job! Susan

  5. All of it is great. I love the lamp! I am a lamp girl,no overhead lights for me!

  6. It has been years since I saw a large green family Bible. Enjoyed all of your green today.

  7. wonderful green and wonderful thrifty treasures!! I hope your having a wonderful week ~Love Heather


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