eat your heart out, affordable

The name of the shop escapes, me...but anytime we travel west on Highway 24, we allow time to stop and shop at this thrift store in Watseka, Illinois.  A 25 cent rack of clothes is the first place I head to!  Last week, I found this man's overcoat with a Watseka label.

Eat you heart out, Affordable!  (Actually, anyone reading this should check his blog out.  It's one of my favorites.)
 It's's's spotless...
 ...and I ♥ every detail about it!
Did I say "the price was right"?


  1. Okay, gotta ask. Is this nice coat for you or hubby? When my oldest son was in high school, kids dressed ritzy for football homecoming. I convinced him to be trend setter, use vintage overcoat. Friend and I went out and spend about $20 dollars for three NICE overcoats; in few weeks the quarterback on down had raided all thrift stores for the same.

    The one coat was three quarter tweed and I ended up rolling up cuffs and wearing it for several winters as my coat. I loved it, was one of my very favorite coats ever until it fell apart.

    Do you have any favorite thrift stores in southern Illinois and Indiana?

  2. Bookie - well, unless my husband shrinks a size or our son decides to wear an just MIGHT be mine!

    Re. your last questions, my answer is "Not yet!"

  3. It's a great find! Thanks for sharing the label, I love a vintage tag. xxx

  4. You gotta love Giuseppe! Sure you are not saying you got this coat for 25 cents?? !!!! Amazing find!

  5. Wow wonderful! Looks like a very nice coat! ~Enjoy your new treasure ~Love Heather


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