spring flinging

I'm not sure what has happened to my trusty cell phone camera - but it seems to be letting in too much light for good pictures (or maybe it's just getting accustomed to the unfamiliar sunlight)! 

At any rate, the pictures I took outdoors didn't come out at all....and these indoor ones aren't much better.

I'm wearing some light denim capris that I bought to wear on our vacation next week.  (I broke down and got them to tide me over until I can fit back into my wardrobe.)   They are comfortable, and the $3.25 price was fine with me!
 I checked out the shoe situation and found several comfortable open-toed shoes waiting for the wearing!
I chose these today.
All clothing items thrifted, of course!
I'm giving the furnace a rest today.  I'll be out of the house most of the day.
A study group this morning followed by lunch.
I'm taking my simple (but tasty) corn chowder.
"Good enough to serve the President of the United States," the recipe boasts!


  1. Oh my! Corn chowder. Wonderful. I'm jealous.

  2. You look ready to go, Rebecca. My own clothes are in a shambles. Been exercising faithfully but still eat too much I guess! My clothes are wearing away before my belly does! Where will you travel to for your vacation?

  3. The carpi pants are really nice. It looks like you are getting ready for spring weather. We're having lots of rain, warmish rain but I still can't wear open toed shoes.

    Have a great day out.


  4. Well, if your corn chowder is good enough for the President, it'd certainly be good enough for me, too. ha ha I love corn "chowda." You look very nice, Rebecca. Susan

  5. Oh enjoy your group and corn chowder that sounds yummy!! And you look so cute ready for spring ~Have a wonderful weekend ~Love Heather

  6. Enjoy that trip and happy thrifting!


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